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List Of MOOC’s

What is MOOC’s

A massive open online course (MOOC) is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. There are more than 6000+ MOOC on this Internet. In India, SWAYAM is the top MOOC.

Mooc in India


SWAYAM is an ambitious upcoming MOOC platform by the Indian government. Under SWAYAM, professors of centrally-funded institutions in India — such as Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), and central universities — will offer online courses to citizens of India.

You can read more about SWAYAM in our deep dive that Class Central published last week: SWAYAM: Inside India’s Massive Bet on MOOCs

Last month the Government of India released a list of MOOCs that will be offered on SWAYAM. You can find the PDF here.

The PDF is a bit difficult to read, so we transcribed the PDF and have reproduced the course list below.  Some parts of the PDF were still difficult to read, so there might e

The course list is segregated by “National Coordinators”. Each co-coordinator tasked is with creating online courses for a particular segment i.e Engineering, High School etc.

  • UGC
  • CEC
  • NIOS


Top MOOC’s

  1. EdX

EdX courses are designed to be interesting, fun and rigorous. They are the best courses, from the best professors and the best schools, spanning dozens of subjects.

  1. Coursera

With 535 courses and 107 global university partners, Coursera provides you with a global education right at the click of your mouse. If you would like to go a step further, sign up for the Signature Track for a fee to earn official recognition from universities and Coursera with a verifiable electronic certificate. What’s more, there is also a free re-attempt for the Signature Track! If you’re unable to complete the course, you can request a coupon good for the next Signature Track offering of the same course.

  1. Saylor

Since its founding in 2008, strives to provide quality education for free for everyone around the world. The Saylor team hires credentialed professors to create course blueprints and to locate, vet, and organize OER materials into a structured and intuitive format. Their consulting professors also create original OER content and link to freely posted materials to fill in any gaps. Each course culminates with a final exam, and students receiving a passing grade can download a certificate of completion. Start learning and earn your certificate today!

  1. Udemy 

If you want to acquire practical skills and knowledge apart from your study subjects, Udemy is your answer.  Whether you want to get promoted, break into a new industry, start a company, further a passion, or just accelerate your life, Udemy helps you learn from the amazing instructors in the world, so that you can get there and get there faster. Discover featured courses and areas that you would like to develop. Udemy provides you with the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants and the chance to learn from them, for free!

  1. Skillfeed

If you are looking to learning a new skill or improving on your proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, or HTML, Skillfeed offers unlimited access to high-quality video courses from a worldwide community of instructors. You have a month’s free trial which thereafter, you will subscribe to a monthly fee to gain unlimited access to *all* courses! Be an expert in these software skills today! As part of their Halloween celebration, Skillfeed is offering you 30 days free access to all courses. Seize the chance before 3rd November 2013!

  1. Harvard Open Courses

Distance education classes at Harvard Extension School have either an online video or live web-conference format. Some courses also include a weekend of intensive on-campus lectures. Online courses span a full semester and have scheduled assignments and exams. Due to the interactive nature of the web conference lessons, do note that you will have to pay for certain courses here!

  1. Yale Open Courses

Are you a bachelor or high school student who is undecided about your future course of interest? Yale Open Courses provides free and open access to a selection of introductory courses taught by distinguished teachers and scholars at Yale University. Discover a range of timely and timeless topics taught by Yale professors, each with a unique perspective and an individual interpretation of a particular field of study. Inspire your own critical thinking and creative imagination with the lectures and other course materials, which reflect the values of a Yale liberal arts education.

  1. UoPeople 

The tuition-free, non-profit, online academic institution, University of the People (UoPeople), is part of the Open Educational Resources movement and utilizes open educational content in all courses. Many individuals need beyond just free knowledge – they need the right credentials and experience to compete in today’s job market. A significant number of employers not only demand that their employees possess the requisite knowledge and skills, but that they also hold relevant degrees. At UoPeople, you will get course designers who modify and enhance course materials, then add in excellent instructors, peer to peer learning, a grading system, student services support, and other benefits found in a university to provide fully developed tuition-free degree programs. A one-time registration fee is charged for your access to an unlimited amount of knowledge!

  1. Khan Academy

All of the site’s resources are available to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, adult returning to the classroom after 20 years, or a friendly alien just trying to get a leg up in earthly biology. Khan Academy’s materials and resources are available to you completely free of charge. Take part in the interactive classroom blackboard teaching style with short quizzes and questions to test your understanding along the way.

  1. Academic Earth 

Academic Earth has curated links to over 750 online courses and 8,500 individual online lectures, giving students of all age unparalleled access to college courses they may otherwise never experience. Whether supplementing existing coursework or learning for the sake of learning, anyone with an internet connection has the freedom to learn at their own pace from world-renowned experts, without the burden of rising tuition costs. View the online courses today!

Some Of The Popular Mooc”s

MOOC NO of Courses
Coursera 3419 courses
edX 2190 courses
FutureLearn 844 courses
Canvas Network 539 courses
NPTEL 351 courses
Independent 327 courses
Miríada X 241 courses
France Université Numerique 234 courses
Udacity 226 courses
openSAP 127 courses
Open Education by Blackboard 115 courses
iversity 114 courses
Federica 96 courses
Kadenze 90 courses
Stanford OpenEdx 85 courses
Rwaq 85 courses
NovoEd 70 courses
EduOpen 67 courses
gacco 64 courses
Open2Study 50 courses
EMMA 46 courses
openHPI 45 courses
OpenLearning 42 courses
Stepik 40 courses
OpenClassrooms 36 courses
Edraak 36 courses
Polimi OPEN KNOWLEDGE 32 courses
Janux 28 courses
Desire2Learn 24 courses
World Science U 23 courses
IONIS 22 courses
EdCast 21 courses
Complexity Explorer 20 courses
MongoDB University 20 courses
Acumen 19 courses
UPV 16 courses
MRUniversity 16 courses
MOOC-ED 13 courses
Udemy 5 courses
First Business MOOC 4 courses
Datacamp 2 courses


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