Tips & Trick To Crack Gate Exam

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25 Tips To Crack Gate Exam (In One Blow) – Best Well Analyzed Strategy!

Alright, let us share with you tips and tricks for better preparation

GATE 2019 Preparation Tips

(Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering)

These tips will really help you to crack GATE 2019, so for this, We got an idea just one month ago to write about GATE preparation Guide, that’s why we talk to many Gate Aspirants and also Professors those already have qualified GATE, PSU’s even IES, so in this blog post you are going to get ultimate tips and tricks to crack GATE 2019.

Are you super excited to know those tips, which will open a new gate for your life, I hope so, you are:

1) Make a Proper Plan for GATE 2019

This is an evergreen tactic or strategy to achieve the target, easily as well as effectively.

we know you are really interested in GATE that’s why even you have landed on this Blog post, so we will recommend you to do only one known but effective tips for planning, don’t do planning in your mind.

Just take a piece of paper and then write what is your goal and how would you achieve it.

Path to achieving your goal

Then just paste that or those piece of paper in your bedroom wall, that’s why you can see always your target, which will keep you doing for achieving your goal, i.e. the good score in GATE.

2) Preparation of the Subjects

You may be in a final year or maybe pass out student, even this is possible you are doing a job.

No matter what are you doing, you have to prepare for GATE. otherwise, there is no shortcut way to crack it.

I mean just look at the statistics of GATE appeared candidates increasing rapidly from last few years since PSU’s start recruiting through GATE.

Here are the statistics for GATE previous year appeared candidates-

GATE 2018- About one million

GATE 2017- About one million

GATE 2016- Little less than one million

GATE 2015- About one million

GATE 2014- Total number of candidates appeared more than 1 million

GATE 2013- A total number of candidates appeared 9,84,855.

GATE 2012- Total number of candidates appeared 7,71,349

GATE 2011- Total number of Candidates appeared 5,52,530

How the craze of GATE is increasing day by day, see these numbers and then start preparations.

Remember, seats are limited, if you want to get in there then you have to do something i.e. hard work with little using your mind.

I hope you are getting me.

3) Clear Basics Concept

Here many students fail.

Because GATE is not like any other written examination that questions will come from selected topics or unit but syllabus is there (Partitions of Marks is not there)

Here any type of patter can be followed, no boundary for it.

So, we will recommend you, while solving any question don’t go behind the answer or try to solve the question in a shortcut, first try to get the concept then you can try any shortcut according to you, but to do accurate shortcut you have to first clear your basics concept.

4) Solve More Numerical Problems

If you are not aware of this, then let me tell you, in GATE there are about 80% numerical based questions come.

So, rather try to remember theories.

Try to solve more and more numerical problems, which will help you lot to remember concept as well as formulas.

5) Prepare With Digital Calculator in GATE 2019

Because, you need to solve problems in time, if you will not familiar with a calculator then it will become difficult for you to use the Digital calculator directly in the examination.

So, keep using a Digital calculator, that’s why you will not do any mistake in the GATE examination.

It is different from Normal Scientific Calculator.

6) Solve Previous Year Problems

See, everybody needs an idea to make things better understanding.

Here the same, previous year question paper will give you an idea about the question pattern, as well as you will have a practice of solving questions, those already asked in GATE.

7) Make a Notes of All Formula and Key Points but Subject Wise

Key points and formulas are needed to crack the exam.

You should note those key points because it will help you to revise your studied topics very quickly.

And you know revision is a must.

8) Study Like the Last Study

Think about it.

That, this is about your career.

Once you will clear the examinations and interview you will become an officer may be Group A officer.

So, study your every day like the last day.

9) Join GATE Test Series

Join the test series, this is going to let you know about your preparation.

You will be confident, about your preparation, which will be helpful in the GATE examinations, also you will come to know your speed in solving questions, mistakes etc.

I think there is something good.

10) Practice Online Test Series

GATE has changed its exam pattern, I know you know about it, that you are going to take the test, GATE – test online.

So, there is little difference between online offline examinations. So, online test series will help to get you almost the same feeling of the GATE examinations, for this online test series, I will recommend you to use one online website. Don’t Worry, there are many free online test series.

Some good Paid Test series for GATE Exam. Those questions are even from GATE previous years.

This is going to help you to know about the GATE pattern and at the same time, you will able to build your concept to solve questions, on this website only.

11) Don’t Study Like University Examinations

In the competitive examinations like GATE, questions come those are generally do not come in the University examinations.

You have to put more concentrations on numerical problems, which will help you lot to clear and also to get good marks in the examinations.

13) Study 10 Hours Daily Last Two Months(Self Study)

If you are really serious about GATE then I will suggest you study at least 10 hours a day, self-study which will increase the capability to study and work hard

12) If Possible Buy MCQ Test Books, Then Solve

If you have solved previous questions paper then you may refer any MCQ books to solve questions, I will recommend you to solve previous year IES papers, it will also help you to develop a concept of your own subject.

Don’t try to solve more and more simple questions, rather try to solve more and more difficult questions.

13) Give More Concentration on Your Weak Point

After solving GATE previous papers, you will definitely come to know about your week point, where you can work to make those areas strong.

It will take time. But you have to give time if you wanted to be there, otherwise, it is all yours.

Think about it.

I can remember a good quote on this, which is written by Shiv Khera.

“Winners Don’t Do Different Things They Do Things Differently”

14) Help Others, What You Know?

If you will share with others, what you know then it will be more crystal clear for you, which will help to boost your concept regarding that or those topics, even someone will ask you questions regarding those topics, which will also lead to answer a question instantaneously.

Remember more you will help others, more you will grow, this not applicable the only GATE, this is applicable everywhere in your life.

15) Don’t Be in Hurry

Hurry, somewhere it is needed may be getting ready to go to college.

But while preparing for competitive examinations you have to clear all concepts and solve many types of questions. Because you have to prepare in this way that you can solve any type of questions about those topics.

16) Don’t Use Fluke Method

Most dangerous for competitions examinations like GATE, PSU’s etc!

Because of Minus Marking, I know, you know about it.

But even then I am reminding you, so don’t use fluke method to answer the questions.

17) Don’t Pre-assume any Answer

While solving any question in the examinations, don’t assume any answer in between solving the question, which may lead you to choose the wrong answer than a correct one, then you know what will happen.

18) Give More Time to Technical Subjects

Don’t waste time in non-technical Like English, Aptitude etc.

Okay I know you will get about 15 marks from these topics, but out of 100 Marks, even you can solve about 10 Marks questions quite easily out of 15, if you are little smart for solving aptitude questions.

That’s why I am recommending you to concentrate more on technical subjects.

19) Concentrate on Accuracy

you are not going to get good accuracy in a day, you have to stick to it, I mean first stop giving an answer by looking at the questions.

If you are pretty sure about the question then answer it.

It will make your own attitude to answer the questions in the examinations, which will help you to decide which question you can solve and choose the right answer, this will save your time also.

20) Group Study Is Important

If you are living in a hostel or studying in college.

Then discuss topics with your friends, but remember those are interested to study only.

It will help a lot to keep the concept in your mind for forever.

21) Silly Points

This is my personal experience.

In the competitive examinations, you will get questions from Notes or silly points or assumptions of the topic. which is generally we don’t study while preparing for University examinations.

So, always give little focus on silly points too(If possible make notes those silly points).

22) Ask Your Friend Those Already Get into IIT or Gate Qualified

To get help or good suggestions ask someone, who already did it.

But don’t ask anyone who is too much intelligent, you have to ask anyone, who was like you and get into it.

Who can tell you the proper path for you to achieve your target?

23) Keep Faith in Itself

All of we know, if we do something with full of faith then it will become easier to do that.

The same concept you can use here even.

24) Don’t Memorize Answer of Any Question

Don’t try to memorize any answers, rather try to understand the concept behind it.

Why concept?

It will help you to solve another question of the same type or maybe the little different type.

25) No Need to Study Beyond Syllabus

Stick to your syllabus.

There are a million topics in any Engineering field that does not mean you need to study all of them, you just have to study, what’s on your syllabus.

While preparing for examinations after then you can read any topic, but now stick to the syllabus.


Let us share with Mistakes while Preparing for GATE

  1. Not using an online calculator.
  2. Not practising more questions
  3. Over-confidence
  4. Pre assume an answer to the question
  5. Not discussing difficult topics
  6. Not doing revision several times (80 times recommended with time interval)
  7. Trying to become an expert in one subject
  8. Not focusing on the syllabus
  9. Not having a proper plan
  10. Not changing in a plan if it is not working
  11. Not increasing study time with time

and so on But these are major mistakes made by GATE aspirants.


*From Quora

But these are major mistakes made by GATE aspirants.

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  1. I came your this blog through and I read this whole article and I have found very good points you mentioned that definitely help students to determine their mistakes and weakness. we also running coaching institute in Dehli, So this will also help me. Thank you very much for this information. Keep sharing.

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